Slim Healthy Recipes from Japan Japan is a country with the highest life expectancy in the world. This was related to eating habits, healthy food of the inhabitants. In addition, if you notice, most Japanese women also have a slim body. This is thanks to their healthy diet. If you want to live longer and stay healthy contek certainly be eating Japanese population. Not only healthier, weight can be more stable and even decreased.

1 Portion slightly The Japanese have a habit of eating small portions. You can see from the small-sized rice bowl. Although meals with small portions of food consumed but has a high quality. Start rice juice, vegetable side dishes that usually fish to the sea. Make it a habit not to eat until sated stomach ache. Remember the old saying goes, eat before you are hungry and stop eating before satiety.

2 Vegetables Vegetables can not be released from the menu of Japanese food. Each menu must have served fresh vegetables. According to research by UCLA and Louisiana State University, eating fresh vegetables will increase folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E needed by the body for the formation of new cells. With healthy sauces, fresh vegetables can make the body more healthy and not get sick.

3 Fish as a main menu Fish has always been the main menu of Japanese food. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish makes the heart healthy. You can avoid cardiovascular disease, which is the trigger of death in the world.

4 Rice According to the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, half of calories consumed per day should come from complex carbohydrates. Ordinary rice we consume every day is a source of complex carbohydrates. It would be better if the rice is consumed comes from organic rice. If you want to digestion, choose brown rice, because it contains more fiber than regular rice.

5 Fruit as a dessert If you choose this over the pudding as a cover, replace with fresh fruits that are still cold. In addition to healthier, it also does not lose sweetness with pudding. Japanese people prefer fruit as a dessert than a pudding or other sweet foods. Fresh fruit flavors are also very effective at neutralizing the smell of food from the mouth.