The late Steve Jobs left the legacy of revolutionary in the field of technology. Apart from the phenomenal history that he carved, Jobs is known as
a celebrity with a strange habit for life. In a biography written by
Walter Isaacson, there are some strange behavior of former Apple Inc.
executives. This - ranging from a strict diet which he did until about personal
hygiene. For example, one of the favorite habit of Jobs to relieve stress when
Apple is building a bare foot soak in a toilet in the office. Eating habits Jobs no less unique. Here it is in between, like a loaded

Apple-carrot diet Steve Job biography detailing the trend of
eating only one or two foods, like carrots or apples for weeks. Dietitian Elisa
Zied reveal his opinion about it. "Although apples and
carrots nourish and provide carbohydrates, these two have very little protein.
Unlike fats and carbohydrates, proteins can not be stored in the body,
so it's important to consume foods that are rich enough protein every
day," said Zied, a also wrote the book "Nutrition at
Your Fingertips". Proteins provide energy for the body and helps
maintain muscle tissue, improving metabolism and
maintaining body mass. But, if not mengasup enough protein, he says, the body would lose the essential amino acids to support growth and maintenance of body
tissues. Another drawback of this diet is less fat intake.
Without fat, Zied explains, the body will be eroded out. "It was painful,
especially on the skin. You'll feel more often cold and the body susceptible
to injury. It is risky for those with chronic illnesses." Fruitarianisme
Jobs also long been a
Fruitarian - a category of vegans who eat only fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, no
animal products
whatsoever. Although this type of diet still consume some foods
are very healthy, but Zied warned, there are essential nutrients that may be missing. "This type of diet is very limited because it eliminates milk and does not contain enough fat, except mengasup nuts and seeds in bulk," he said. But generally the ability to eat a person does not fit the needs of the body.

Veganism Jobs trust, commitment to being a vegan will prevent him from excess mucus
production and release of body odor. Therefore, he felt no need to wear deodorant or too frequent bathing. "The lack of protein intake in vegan diet prevents the
body's detoxification process. It can cause body odor even more stinging,"
said JJ Virgin, nutritional experts. Mucus that usually appears
in people who are sick, actually be overcome by dietary changes. The secret to fast
Jobs also often fasted to bring happiness to her. According to experts, most
likely, Jobs had ketosis - the feeling of mild euphoria that feels after fasting.
When you eat normally, the glucose into the body's main energy source.
However, when fasting, the body will create a small chemicals called ketones
that replace glucose. This is used as energy for the body's cells.
"If the body produces ketones more than required to create energy, there will be a dangerous condition called ketosis," says Zied. "This makes the body loses sodium and water, and can contribute to nausea, fatigue and weakness."