Will Walking Help Me Lose Weight? A simple way to make your body fit is to walk regularly, especially in the morning. During sleep, your metabolism slows down completely, walking can increase it again. In addition to refreshing the body throughout the day, the road in the morning can also help you lose weight. How do I? Consider the steps below were abstracted from the LIVESTRONG Doctor Merry. Good luck:

Step 1 Breakfast with a small but nutritious meal before starting to walk, such as yogurt, low-fat crackers or wheat bread with peanut butter. The balance of protein and carbohydrates will be enough fuel to prevent injury and improve stamina.

Step 2 Do not be enforced, make a gradual plan. Begin with 15 minutes to 3 days the first-third, 30 minutes for four-six days and continued to increase in the next days. Change the speed to be a little run so that the body becomes stronger and added intervaln time so that more and more calories burned.

Step 3 Keep balanced nutritional intake through whole grains, vegetables and fruits plus milk. Choose foods with fewer calories combined with a training / exercise more will accelerate the process of weight loss. Good luck, Merry Doctors hope that with a regular walking, the loyal readers of this blog will be more healthy and losing weight.