Having a slim body ideal into many people's dream. Not merely for the sake of aesthetics look, control the excess fat is also important for health.

 No wonder the number of beauty clinics and fitness centers compete to offer slimming programs. There are a variety of program options. Start a conventional manner with exercise and diet, liposuction, or liposuction, the fat until the decay method using high-tech tools.

 In the midst of a promising trend of liposuction weight loss in a short time, is now emerging new technology of fat burning using a device that relies on radio frekuesi vibration and ultrasound, the Exilis. "The principle use of this tool is to increase the temperature in the layer of fat that stimulates the metabolism and melt fat," said Dr. Enrina Diah from Ultimo clinic. "It can also serve to tighten the skin." Radio frequency vibrations contribute to heat the deeper layers of skin.

This heat will shrink the fat cells, and stimulates collagen production. "This method does not require incisions or general anesthesia," he said. Enrina said that the use of these tools have to go through a medical consultation.

Examination of kidney and liver conditions is important because the fat will be absorbed whole lymphatic system. "Prior to this method the condition of kidney and liver must be healthy."

Enrina said that the use of the tool is suitable for reducing the volume of fat and reshapes specific body areas with problems. For example, face, neck, or abdomen. The technology that was offered in the capital city is also popular in a number of clinics in foreign countries. "

This tool is a viable alternative for those who want to reduce fat and tighten skin in certain areas safely and without pain," said Robert Weiss,