A diet that you do successfully lose weight? Be careful, your friends
might get jealous, even you risk losing them. It may sound strange,
but that's a fact.

The woman turned out to be very jealous when his
friend managed to lose weight. This is the result of a survey on 1,000
adults conducted by BioAPP, a weight loss treatment.

 Known, one third of women admitted secretly envy and jealous of his friend who lost weight, and wished they were more obese than himself.

 Then, more than a fifth of women admitted they would be happier if his body is more slender than his friends. In some cases, envy is so strong can even
encourage your friends to look worse. One out of ten respondents
claimed to be telling lies to his friend that appear thinner. This is
to prevent his friend go on a diet.

 "Meanwhile, losing weight is a
success for you, it may remind others of their own insecurity," said
Krishna Soma, pharmacists from Chemist Direct, as quoted by the Daily

 From the survey results are also known to as many as 93 percent
of women thought it would have more friends if their body is more

 Then, more than 40 percent of girls aged 16 to 17 years
admitted going on a diet so as not to be seen as a 'fat friend'.