Question: I am very worried about a child's body who were aged 10 years. His weight reached 68 kg, with a height of 154 cm.

What kind of diet programs are suitable for your child? And what about sports? Answer: From the data above, we can conclude that
your child is overweight.

Implement a program of diet on children can
not be equated with a program for adults. In order for the growth process is not interrupted, programs for children are arranged so that not too drastically different from the previous diet. Choose a menu that meets the criteria of balanced nutrition patterns.

 Carbohydrates (staple food) should still be there, while the protein is selected in sufficient numbers, with a low fat content. For example, choose lean meat or chicken without skin. Reduce consumption of fat by modifying the daily cuisine.

 Avoid cooking by frying, coconut milk, and too much sugar. Meanwhile, multiply eat vegetables. Milk still be given, but choose low-fat milk (low or non-fat).

 Make a habit of regular breakfast, with a menu that does not contain too much fat. For
example, rice and side dishes, cereals and non-fat milk with fruit
juice without sugar, or a piece of bread with jam smeared with a thin
glass plus non- fat milk.

Do not forget to add vitamins and mineral supplements. Limit your meal portions, by reducing the 1 / 4 or 1 / 3 of daily habits.

You also need to monitor and reduce his snacking habits. Before dinner, give the first glass of non-fat milk with no sugar and fresh fruits that contain lots of water, such as oranges,
apples, pears, kiwi, and others.

 Do not provide desserts, except for fruits. Try dinner done 2 hours before bedtime. Increase exercise,
such as walking, cycling, or if possible, join a sports club.