Dieting has become part of the lives of some people, especially those who want the ideal body shape. In women, dieting has become a necessity even.

A research weight loss products, XLS-Medical Fat Binder reveals, throughout adult life, one in ten women are always on a diet during adulthood in their lives. However, similar findings also reveal a diet even in an extreme manner not beneficial for some women. This is causing frustration and stress.

Juliet Oosthuysen, Marketing Manager at Omega Pharma, the manufacturer of XLS- Medical Fat Binder commented, "The diet is very strict and selective in the possibility of eating foods that actually lead to overeating potentially gain weight," he said as quoted from Female First.

 Following a diet for months, a new person can feel the benefits of diet on the body. "However, everything can be destroyed within a day when a person eats too much." Oosthuyen added, the importance of a healthy diet, balanced and realistic.

As a guide, a healthy weight loss should be half to two pounds a week. However, weight loss also depends on each individual.