Reducing portions and choosing foods often do you do for dieting. Does not work with this program, slimming drug alternatives. Maybe your weight is going down, but what about side effects.

Here is a 5 error on beridiet and how
how to overcome them:

A. Often eat small portions tetepi
Maybe you think eating small portions will reduce hunger, and not fattening. This habit will make you stop eating, because the feeling of satiety in the stomach is also only temporary. Indirectly to increase your portions.
The fix: Make a chart or diary list. Write down the time and what kind of food that must be consumed. For the body still needs nutrition.

2. Overdressing salad
A plate of green vegetables will not gain weight. But most people eat a salad with a variety of combinations. Cheese, steaks, pasta, and not to mention the added with mayonnaise sauce. The result accumulate fat and unhealthy.
The fix: If a plate of green vegetables are not attractive. Do not add red meat, but replace it with sliced ​​peppers. Use balsamic sauce or low-fat sauce.

3. Teralu many nutrients
Nutrition is very important in the diet. Many nutritionists recommend, we can get the fuel through a shake instantly.
The fix: Eat foods that contain natural nutrients. Such as almonds, carrots, oranges and other fruits.

4. Diet soda
According to the study, diet drinks will not affect your weight. Maybe we think this will save you calories beverages,
This drink can also create a desire to eat junk food more
a lot. Besides diet soda can lead to stroke and obesity.
How to fix it: Replace sodas with green tea rich in antioxidants. Green vegetable juice and low fat milk can be an alternative.

5. Thinking realistically
Many people who want to lose weight in a short time. Quite often too much to try an extreme diet with drugs, or may not eat all day and only drink water. Remember losing weight takes effort and it takes the process.
The fix: Give yourself time to be able to do things that can safely control your weight. Such as exercise, healthy diet and eat regularly.