Motivation and desire are not enough to help you lose weight and get the ideal body shape. You need a strategy that smart, wise and mature to realize a desirable body shape. One of them by running certain habits consistently. Here are eight healthy habits for successful weight loss program more effective, as reported by the Health Me Up.

A. Focus on Target
If you have a pair of jeans or a shift dress you always dreamed of one day be able to wear them, hang them in a highly visible place, such as behind a door or the front of the cabinet. This method can be a motivation for you, so whenever tempted to eat fried foods and snacks high in fat and sugar, remember that you hang clothes, if you need to save the picture in the phone as a reminder that your own resolution to lose weight come back strong.

2. Do not Eat Snacks Direct from packaging
Consuming food or a snack straight from the packaging, will make you tempted to continue to chew it off. To anticipate, pour as much food as you want into the plate and save some of which still remains in the box in the closet. Eat only available on the plate. Once finished, resist the urge to pour onto a plate of food again. Visual control is recommended when you want to lose weight. Keep snacks in a place that you can not see at any time.

3. Do not Forget Breakfast
Every morning, your body needs sufficient food intake to increase metabolism. Breakfast one of the biggest advantages is that it can help stabilize hormones and resist the desire to eat excessively.

4. Cooking with careful
In one day make a nutritious food that is cooked with the full calculation. Find ways to make the change gradually by eating more fruits and vegetables. This is an ideal way to lose weight. But when you shop, choose fruits and vegetables are fresh. And avoid fruit that has a black stain, dent, too soft or clipped.

5. Eat Carbs
In addition to fiber, good carbs are also rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Foods with complex carbohydrates have a glycemic level indexrendah, which is useful in regulating blood sugar levels and insulin production. It also provides the energy to maximize health benefits. Foods including complex carbohydrates are whole grain products, fruits, potatoes, brown rice, nuts and seeds.

6. Banana consumption
Bananas are part of a healthy diet, but that does not mean you should just eat a banana. No single food can lose weight by itself. However, some of which can burn more calories than other foods that are consumed in one day. Banana is a nutrient-dense foods, rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and energy. 100 grams of banana contains about 90 calories.

7. Portion Control Eating
Control your food portions, means controlling the amount of food you consume. Because the more you eat, so the more calories a day should be counted in that. To maintain a healthy weight, controlling portion sizes are very important.

8. Make Exercise As a Priority
Most people make the sports schedule on back order in the list of priority activities to be performed routinely. In fact, the exercise can help manage your weight and provide a healthier lifestyle. So enter the exercise in your routine every day. Simply take an hour earlier when you wake up every morning or at night before bed to jogging, brisk walking or cycling.