Not only are women who like to go on a diet on a regular basis, it is also an astronaut. Diets do when they are sent to Mars. The difference, astronauts are required to maintain a diet for yourself while on the planet Mars.

Mission to Mars could take up to two to three years. The main challenge faced by astronauts on missions to the outer orbit is not eating enough calories. Most likely the astronauts do not get fresh fruit or vegetables. The lack of variety in the diet can cause depression or other psychological problems.

Recent research by the University of Hawaii and Cornell, United States, is looking for people to adapt in place as a simulated Mars. For four months, the volunteers will go on a diet strictly.

The volunteers will wear spacesuits when out of the emergency. They also have only limited contact with the world and survive only on food that has been taken. The goal is to make the experiment as realistic as possible.