Eating chocolate or a sweet thought to make up weight. Such food usually is the most avoided man who diet. However, the study would suggest entering from Israel chocolate as the breakfast menu.

Research University of Tel Aviv, Israel, found that if the other sweet foods to eat chocolate for breakfast can lose weight. For foods that contain lots of carbohydrates and protein content to be converted into energy for activity throughout the day.

Based on a study of 193 people, the researchers divided the women with two kelomok, people who are obese and non-diabetics. The first group choose low-calorie breakfast with 300 calories. While the second group would prefer a breakfast with 600 calories, including a cake or chocolate for dessert.

Results in the study for 32 minutes was found when both groups had lost weight by 15 kilograms. However, after 16 weeks later, a group that reducing calories at breakfast, actually gained weight up to 10 pounds. While the group who ate chocolate or sugary foods at breakfast to lose weight by 7 kg.