Diet soda may be beneficial to streamline the waist, but those who drink it every day tend to be at high risk of heart attack and stroke. Similarly, a recent study in the United States.

The research appears in the "Journal of General Internal Medicine", found that adults who were older and drinking diet soda every day, 44 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack, the study does not prove that it's just sugar-free drinks are the only cause.

Maybe there are other things about diet soda lovers who can explain the relationship, said lead researcher Hannah Gardener and his team, from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

"What we see is a relationship. These people may tend to have unhealthy habits," he said on Monday (20/2).

Hannah and his colleagues tried to explain about it, they stated that people who drink diet sodas per day tend to be more obese and more likely to have cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Hannah and her team studied 2564 adults aged 69 years and over in New York City at the start of the study. A decade later, 591 men and women had a heart attack, stroke or died of cardiovascular causes - including 31 percent of the 163 people who drink diet soda every day at the beginning of the study.

Overall, consumption of diet soda per day was associated with a 44 percent higher chance of heart attack or stroke, compared with 22 percent in people who rarely or never drink diet soda but had a heart attack or stroke.

Hannah said that although the diet soda itself to contribute to health risks, it is not clear how.

Several studies in rats have shown that artificial sweeteners can increase food intake and body weight, but whether these results can be translated into the human body is unknown.