For women who are in a love affair, it seems to be diligent in checking the weight of at least once a month. A study revealed that 90 percent of women to weight gain after they were dating or having a long-term romance.

Weight average woman rose as much as 7.3 kg, and the majority (approximately 56 percent) weight began to increase from four to six months after dating. Based on a poll of 1,000 British women, four or six months is the age of courtship when they already feel comfortable with their partner. So, what does the courtship with the weight gain?

Polling conducted by the firm LighterLife weight control showed that more than a third of respondents thought that often go out at night with a lover to be one cause of their weight up. One in five women said, feeling comfortable with your partner makes them less concerned about body shape. While one in ten respondents admitted they gain weight because of the frequent dinner with a loved one.

"I've heard many women say that their weight up a few months after a love affair," said Mandy Cassidy, a psychotherapist for LighterLife, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Cassidy adds, "When single or still in the early stages of dating, you want to look my best. Keeping your body slim in the main agenda. But when the relationship began to grow serious, many women realize that they will continue to partner with him, no matter how they look right now. "

That assumption, which, according to Cassidy trigger women to change his lifestyle and adjust their eating portions lover. Men of course have to eat larger portions than women, and behaviors contribute to weight gain.

From this research, created the term "Love Stone" used to describe the addition of a few pounds of weight gain in women who influenced the level of comfort in a relationship. Than 90 percent of women who claim their weight gained after a long courtship, the two-thirds have increased the weight of one to two pounds, or about 0.9 kg.

"There is nothing wrong eating good food and very important to feel comfortable with your own body shape. But the amount of food that is too much or unhealthy of course, will bring harm to the long term," said health practitioners and TV presenter Dr Hilary Jones.

Hilary added, women need 500 calories less than men. But when food is served along with, women tend to adjust portions to eat semejanya friends.

"Although only a few extra calories consumed, is enough to make a person's weight increases every time. This survey demonstrated that," said Hilary.