Not only fatty foods, high-calorie or a large portion that can make fat. The place where we eat, potentially also add extra calories in the body. Eating while on the road or doing something else, will unconsciously make you eat more food. Therefore, avoid eating these foods in five places, as reported by Fit Sugar.

A. In the Car
Eating on the street is not a good idea if you want to control your weight. When eating while driving, usually we often put food into the mouth as soon as possible to keep the hand still holding the steering wheel. You are also too busy to focus on the road so it does not pay attention to how much food you have consumed. If you had to eat in the car because the rush of time, bring healthy snacks and foods that you know exactly how many calories.

2. Kitchen
The kitchen is the place where the food and the ingredients come together. So do not be surprised if you will eat more food while in the kitchen. Worse, if you eat while standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry that is open - especially if in it there is plenty of food. If your stomach feels hungry at night, prepare meals with moderation in the bowl or plate and enjoy in the dining room table, not standing in the kitchen.

3. At Home TV
Not a TV show that was the problem, but its ads. Advertising, in particular food or drink advertising on television can increase your desire to eat. In any event, must not be separated from food-themed ads such as pizza, instant noodles, candies or cookies. The mind is filled with food, will encourage you to go to the kitchen or the refrigerator and return to the front of the TV with a big bag of potato chips, a bowl of ice cream bars and chocolate-trunked.

4. Work table
Eating at your desk, as dangerous as eating in front of the TV or car. You are too busy focusing on something that does not pay attention to what you eat. Before you know it, you had already spent a plate of food in minutes. When to eat quickly and do not see every bite of food, the brain does not send a signal of how much food has been consumed. You will feel hungry and continue to reap as much food. If possible, be sure to allow 15 minutes to get away from the table and eat in the pantry.

5. Bed
Eating in bed is a bad habit and unhealthy, whether due to illness or are too lazy to go to the dinner table. This activity encourages you to eat without thinking and make a bed full of dirt and germs. Never store stocks snacks in the bedroom. Eat your fill of food at dinner and eat a small bowl of fresh fruit before bed, to avoid stomach growling in the middle of the night.