What you eat before and after exercise can provide an enormous impact on the practice run. Eating the right foods, exercise can maximize and accelerate the body's recovery after exercise. What foods should be consumed before, during and after exercise? Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, M.P.H., R.D. provide recommendations, as quoted from the Huffington Post.

Before Sport
Choose foods or snacks that are easily digested and will not make your stomach bloated or sick. If the food you eat is not digested immediately before or during exercise, energy will be trapped in the belly of the muscle and can not be used. In fact, the body requires more energy to burn fat and calories with the optimal exercise time. Undigested food can cause cramping and lethargic body.

To that end, consume foods that are low in protein, fat and well as before exercising. Protein, fat and fiber is a substance that makes you full longer. Three nutrients are good for those who sit all day at the office desk, but not good if you're going to do high-intensity activity. The best food is a bowl of whole grain cereal (corn flakes without sugar, rice crispy) with skim or soy milk and one small banana, one hour before exercise.

When Sports
It's important to cover your body with fluids either before, during or after exercise. If you tend to sweat a lot or exercise more than 60 minutes, drink sports drinks or isotonic drinks to keep the water content and energy, also replace electrolytes lost through sweat. But if you just work out less than an hour, just enough water consumption.

After Sports
After the exercise session, you have found time to eat 'food recovery' within 30 minutes (after exercise) if possible. During exercise, your body uses a lot of nutrients, and foods that are consumed should be able to restore the lost nutrients, necessary for the repair and restoration.

Food consumed should be rich in protein (for muscle recovery), complex carbohydrates (to restore carbohydrate reserves in muscle tissue), healthy fats and of course, fluid. You can eat the dish contains sauteed chicken, shrimp or edamame, brown rice or whole wheat and colorful vegetables.