A good diet should be a lifestyle. However, we often get bored easily if you have to set up an ideal food for the body. If so, you should try a diet rich in protein which has been proven to make slimmer in 8 weeks!

Researchers from the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, Aberdeen University in Scotland conducted a study to launch a diet product. 'Simply Fuller Longer'. This product consists of 40 types of menu dinner, lunch, and sandwiches and salads. This product is sold in Marks & Spencer, a British department store.

In the research trial, a total of 20 men and 22 women to come to the Human Nutrition Unit 2 weeks to get food and to record the weight. After 4 weeks, participants who ate only 1,000 calories per day on average weight loss of 4.72 kg.

Further studies were carried out for 8 weeks. The result, 12 participants with excess body weight successfully reduce weight by 6.5 kg. Shrink their waistlines, the average 6-94 cm. Fat content was decreased from 36.8% to 34%. Similarly, cholesterol levels that can be trimmed seperdelapannya.

The menu is their consumption of these 'Lochmuir Hot Smoked Salmon' and 'Chargrilled Chicken and Tomato Risotto'. However, that does not mean high-protein dish is entirely eliminate carbohydrates. "Many diets fail because people feel hungry, so they quickly give up and go back to old habits," says nutritionist for Marks & Spencer, Claire Hughes, told the Daily Mail.

Based on the news reported by The Daily Telegraph, the participants did not feel hungry while cutting calorie intake by 40%. Popular diet programs that adapt the principles of which Atkins Diet Diet and occupation.

Dr. Alex Johnstone, a senior researcher, recommends that you run a high-protein diet until the desired weight is reached. Furthermore, you can keep your weight through exercise.