Leaves and raw food is already familiar to the tongue of Indonesia. Ranging from vegetables to fruit salad and fresh raw vegetables. Raw food diet or raw food diet is so kinipun trend. What are the benefits?

In the raw food diet, all processed food without cooking it first. If you really need to be cooked, the temperature should not be more than 45 C. Foods consumed include nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, organic food, seaweed. For those who eat meat, it can still eat a raw meat and fish.

The advantages of raw food diet was first proposed by a Swiss physicist, Max Bircher-Benner in the 18th century. With eating raw food diet is believed to maximize the nutrients from food ingredients. The cooking process, especially with the high temperature could eliminate the content of enzymes and natural nutrients they contain.

Raw food diet is believed to lose weight and keep it an ideal, it can also make the skin healthier. By not eating cooked food, the body will also feel more fit and capable of lowering cholesterol levels.

For those who are accustomed to eating cooked food, raw food diet looks boring. But now, it has many delicious recipes that do not require cooking. Ranging from smoothies, salads, to pizza and a variety of cakes that can be encountered in a number of recipe sites.

To process raw foods, it takes some kind of kitchen appliance such as blender, thermometer, juicer, food processor, also spiral slicer. To process the nuts and hard food, can soak them first until tender.

Still, there are pros and cons to this diet. Raw food diet is claimed to be very inconvenient because it requires more time and energy to process food. Without the cooking process, worried and content of harmful pesticides on fruits and vegetables can not be lost. In addition, it takes a strong will to survive with the diet is doing. Want to try?