Inspired from the life of the priests Bavaria in the 16th century who consume beer only during fasting, Paul Fierro, owner of the bar in El Paso Texas to do the same. He only drinks beer and water for two weeks without eating at all.

But strangely, he was not drunk at all. This limit only because Fierro drank three glasses of beer every day and drink water in large quantities.

"I started seeing it as a personal challenge and personal process as I can clear my mind and body," Fierro explained as quoted by FoxNews.

With a friend, Albert Salinas, Fierro started the diet with low-calorie beer one time each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every day during the diet, heart rate and blood pressure checked both a nursing student.

"The first few days you will feel very sick in the stomach. After the third day the pain stop, but you still have a passion and always thinking about food," said Salinas.

On the seventh day diet Salinas had to stop due to the flu, but managed to lose 13 pounds of body weight. While the weight of nine pounds Fierro has been reduced.

"Some days I wake up with a lot of energy and not feel hungry," said Fierro. It was felt from the day-to-8 diet.

A physician, Dr. Marc Siegel, said the diet is absolutely medically useless. "There is no way to know the fundamental problem of the body. You do not know whether your body filter out and what will happen," said Siegel.

Siegel added that the beer did not have the nutrients, protein, and fat. "If they are desperate to do an extreme diet, I suggest to at least mengasup liquid electrolyte, not just water," says Dr. Siegel.

After several days of special diet, they claim to have a keener sense of smell. "You will eat the food given to you and realize that you have to appreciate it."