Washington DC: Adult women always crave the ideal body. Various measures they take for slim waist. Diet and drugs became the choice of most women in making this happen. But, do you know? It turned out to just write 15 minutes on a regular basis, you will slim waist.

As reported by Zee News, Saturday (7/1), the results showed that women who write about things important and memorable for her to lose weight and tighten their belt during the next few months. The study was conducted on 45 women with a high enough weight.

They are asked to always write whatever's important to him regularly. Four months later, their weight was measured again and the results showed that weight loss and toning on their waist.

According to Christine Logel scientists from the University of Waterloo, wrote it was very useful. "Besides being able to confide, writing can also reduce the fat in your body," he said, adding: "When we face problems such as arguing with a friend, we need to write it." He also hopes to findings published in the journal of psychology, can bermamfaat for women.