You've diligently exercising in the gym, eating anything is set in such a way as to keep calories in balance. But still not getting the ideal body shape, or weight loss remains excessive.
What is wrong? It could be, how you exercise less precise. Excerpted from The Nest, there are four most common mistakes in fitness that actually makes you gain weight.

1. Sports in the Morning Without BreakfastYou go to the gym in the morning without breakfast first, hoping to burn more calories. This method is clearly wrong. Exercise before eating makes the stomach feel more hungry and cause you to eat more food later. As a result, not the calories you burn fat but actually accumulating.
According to research, your problem is not actually exercising in the morning, afternoon or evening. There are people who prefer to exercise in the morning, but there is also a more comfortable workout during the afternoon after the home office. The key to fitness is consistency, so the benefits for fitness and health will obtain the maximum provided you are disciplined in the gym. If you are used to gym in the afternoon, continue to define as such.
Also make sure your stomach is filled 30 minutes before exercise, minimal consumption of bananas or apples. Your body is like a car, needs fuel in order to run efficiently. If the stomach is empty, your body can not work up to burn calories.

2. More than 2 hours spent in the GymIn order to get maximum results in burning calories, you spend two to three hours in the gym. Fitness to burn calories and get the ideal body shape is not dependent on how long you exercise, but how hard you exercise. You may be just a minute workout at the gym, but make sure you do quality training. You can easily burn calories in 30 minutes, with increasing exercise intensity.
Exercises with focus and intensity for 20 minutes would be more effective than the minimal motion exercises for an hour. Plus, with a high intensity workout, your body will continue to burn calories several hours after the training session.

3. Doing the Same Exercise MovementIf you are doing the same exercise in the period is too long, your body will adapt to the movement. As a result, exercise is no longer the most out of your body than at the beginning of training first. Exercise movements performed in the gym is usually only useful in the short term.
For example, weight training is useful to form the arms and chest muscles. If the arms and chest have been formed, then weight training should not do anymore.
To get maximum results from exercise, is to give a 'new challenge' for the body to try this type of exercise that is different. Change in constant motion, at least two weeks. Changes need not be large. For example, replace the dumbbell squat with a barbell squat, kettlebell or dumbbell exchanged.

4. Against the envy of Celebrity Beautiful Body ShapeIf you think the celebrities are born with an almost perfect body, so it does not spur you to exercise, you are wrong. According to some experts who have worked with several celebrities, most of the celebrities trying hard to get the body beautiful as it is now. Call it the Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Their bodies are sexy obtained as diligent exercise, maintain a diet, even some celebrities have a trainer, nutritionist and personal chef.
You do not need to replicate that at face value what they do. But the passion and effort to imitate them, make them as motivation. Without effort you will not get the ideal body shape.