is the desire of every woman. Avoid the following things to keep your breasts are still beautiful.

Drastic Weight Down

Slim in an instant is so many women's dream. But do you know if we drop the weight quickly the effects of sagging skin around the breast to be seen. Therefore, to go on a diet, do it a healthy, balanced diet, so the weight loss process was done gradually. Plus diet and regular exercise will make your breasts remain tight despite the weight lost.

Choose One Bra

Choosing the right underwear is essential. Choose a comfortable bra. Adjust the size of the breast cup. When breast position on a comfortable bra, the blood flow in the breast will go smoothly. Choose a bra that is not too small and too large.

Hot Water

Shower with hot water was also able to make the breasts sag. Hot water temperature can reduce the production of collagen in the skin cells so the skin becomes less elastic. After the breast exposed to hot water, splashing cold water afterwards to ternetralisir of the heat the water.

Body position

Our posture not only affects the development of our skeletal structure but also the effect on the breast. Make sure you are right position when sitting, walking and standing. Breast in order to remain strong, diligent exercise can improve bone strength, muscle and breast. Sunlight

Using a sunscreen with an SPF not only in the face alone. Breasts are also important sunblock is protected because of the effects of sunlight can make the skin wrinkles.