Losing weight can be the hardest thing for people who are overweight or obese, so it was willing to do a variety of ways. Ways in which a woman may be you try, because she managed to lower the 65 kg weight with regular exercise hula hoop.
Early weight Jen Moore (31 years) is 130.6 kg before she knew the hula hoop. But thanks to regular exercise and a high willingness, his weight is now down to 65.7 kg.
Because it has managed to lose about 65 kg of weight, Moore was now required to work as an instructor for a company that helps you lose weight.
Women who have high 165.1 cm tells how his experiences in learning to hula hoop and can lose weight about 18 pounds in three months. Needless to instructor, she just enjoys the instructional DVD from Hooopnotica.
Moore first want to lose weight in 2008, after she was asked to step down from the game at the fair because the safety bar could not cover her stomach.
Ate addiction Moore and her husband, Keith, making them a partner 'heavyweight'. The couple eat without thinking, or just to relieve the boredom. Lazy lifestyle also makes it less movement.
"We had been trying to diet. I am the 'queen' of yo-yo dieting. It's just that it does not work," said Moore, as quoted Dailymail, Tuesday (03/20/2012).
But after the humiliation at the night market, Moore is determined to lose weight and give a better example for her baby daughter in the future.
"That day, I vowed to return to the park with my son. I'll be the mother of a healthy, slim and hot mama," he explained.
Moore began to familiarize themselves with the hula hoop, wrapped around his waist and keep moving. It took more than two weeks to be able to make the hoop stay around his waist.
But from day one, he could already feel a big difference in the abdomen and waist. Hula hoop made him confident and energetic,
Hula hoop exercise eventually also make it change the way the diet. Who initially liked snacking snack while reading or watching TV, are now resorting to eating healthy foods.
"We eat healthy now and make sure their kids do it too. We used the kids love healthy food. We do not want kids to be obese and suffer like that happened to us," she concluded.