Get a slim body with tight skin takes a long time unless you take a shortcut through liposuction. But actually there is another way that can be taken to get slim and beautiful body.

Other shortcuts that we do not mean that the newfound beauty of technology, but rather a natural way to exercise. Here are four tricks that you can do to keep materialized body slimming process faster than ever before.

Combination Exercise
To burn calories more quickly, required a combination of exercise time in the gym. Examples of exercises that can be combined is squats with shoulder presses. Stand holding a dumbbell with both hands parallel to the ears and feet spread shoulder width apart and then slowly squat. After that, lift your torso back to standing position, then lift both arms straight up into the air. Then return to starting position.

Weightlifting = Warming
Usually do cardio to warm up before exercise begins. But if you change the order, it turns out it can burn more calories as the recognition of Ken Fitzgerald, owner of Lift Gym in New York. This is because when you do cardio on a bike for 30 minutes, the fat burning occurs only in the last 15 minutes only. While the initial 15 minutes, the body is only just warming up. But if you lift weights first, then the body will be hot and ready to burn fat while you do cardio.

Lower Speed
Javanese proverb says Alon-Alon kelakon origin seems to apply to get a slim body. Many people who do the reps (repetitions) quickly. In fact, if done slowly and with setting the correct breathing, the muscles will be pumped to the maximum. The result, the more calories you burn.

Exercise for Becoming Two
For those of you who have enough time to exercise, divide your workout into two in one day could be a solutions accelerate melangingkan body. Do cardio in the morning and lift weights at night or vice versa. That way, you do increase your metabolism up to two times instead of doing cardio and lifting weights in a single session only. Great value to speed up the slimming process.