Losing weight is generally done by keeping food and exercise, but this one is way cheaper and easier to work.

The scourge of its own weight for the modern active women. Waist circumference increased only slightly, the instantaneous stress levels rise, and dress designer to be less fit when worn.

Do not worry, because you can lose weight while sleeping though. By adding an hour of sleep schedule so you can reduce your weight by 14 pounds per year. Recent data from the University of Michigan suggests that you may eat six percent less if you replace 60 minutes of time while awake (you might have a snack) with closed eyes.

Another study from Harvard to approximately 68 000 women, stating that those who sleep only five hours a day, or much less get a good night's rest, has a 32 percent greater chance to gain weight than women who had seven or eight hours of sleep.

But you should keep in mind that not eating close to bedtime, because it might happen otherwise. Try to eat five hours before bedtime so that the intestines can digest your food better. And try as much as possible on the hour seven nights, if it's appetite, eat fruit..........