The smell of butter and vanilla, we are so hungry stomach. Although not hungry, we would be tempted to taste it. However, a study shows just the fact that a strong smell of it makes people eat less.

Food and Nutrition Institute in The Netherlands studied 10 men aged 26-50 years. Vanilla custard channeled into their mouths with a pump. Simultaneously, the intensity of flavor that varies is sprayed into the back of the nose and throat. They do it 30 times.

Participants can control how much 'spray' by pressing a button. That way, researchers can calculate how many times they 'feed' custard.

Apparently, the stronger the scent, the less suapannya. 5-10% of participants eating less strong when the smell of food wafted. Conversely, if the smell does not ketara, they will eat more.

"The body has an automatic adjustment mechanism. We eat less to avoid the sensation is too strong, "explained Dr. Rene de Wijk, author of the study, told TIME Healthland. In addition, unconsciously, a strong aroma will make you think the food is rich in calories and more viscous, making it more filling.

If a study published in the journal Flavour can be applied in all the food, the strong scent of votes can help dieters. High-calorie dishes can be made more flavorful that we eat a little bit. In this way, we will be full faster, so the amount of food we will eat less. Weight badanpun be better controlled.