When you experience stress means there is an increase in the hormone cortisol in the body. It turned out that the hormone is partly responsible for weight gain. Researchers also say that the more a person is angry and the more often you are angry, the more fat in the abdomen.

Maximize Time
Actually not a lot of the time required to form a flat stomach is wonderful. It has been proved by Jennifer Aniston.

"I trained Jennifer Aniston about three days a week, and we do no more than five minutes to train the belly," says Kathy Kaehler, a Personal Trainer who used to deal with celebrities. Kathy stressed to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Rest and Recovery
Stomach needs a break like other body parts. In the recovery phase, that's when the muscles are formed. Avoid excessive exercise. Abdominal muscles just three to four days a week.

Do not Forget Cardio
Too focused on the abdominal muscles not only to train other body parts are also not good. Good cardio to burn fat around the abdomen. 30 minutes of cardio is better than 30 minutes doing crunches because by doing cardio you can remove the fat behind the muscle.

Get more results
Get maximum results with the slow movement while train your abdominal muscles. Hold for a count of four and four counts while on the way down. This movement is either to maximize abdominal exercises. Doing crunches as much as 10 times slower, much better than 20 times quickly.

Add Expenses
Abdominal muscles like the biceps muscle. You do not need to add reps to tighten. All you need is an additional burden. Hold a dumbbell while doing crunches.