The most important thing is to change the mindset and outlook of the diet.

This lifestyle is filled with fast food and lack of exercise, it's normal to make most people gain weight so easily. One effort then go on a diet.

But when on a diet, you are so often experienced yo-yo effect. Perhaps your diet is wrong and ineffective. Though losing weight it can be done from the discipline and with due regard to the pattern of intake of medical attention.

Well, here are 10 easy weight loss:
1. Every two months, start vitamin program. This program should run for two months, in other words undergo two months, two months and stopped. Repeat this process three times a year.

2. Write in a journal of your choice of food at least a week in a month diet. This will help you record the food intake and identify your mistakes. Calculator and a list of calories is also a good tool for monitoring food intake. Do not forget to count and record, just with this you can keep your discipline.

3. Do not forget the importance of eating regularly. Eat 3-5 times that are optimal. Also better to eat in the same period each day, with a distance of 5-7 hours of sleep until breakfast time.

4. Breakfast is a great addition to any diet plan. Once a week (Tuesday recommended) limit your diet to just eating apples, vegetable soup, and drink of fermented milk. This will give a total of four days per month of fasting and fasting 48 days per year.

5. Keep your food choices based on recommended guidelines: that is 25% fat, 25% protein, 25% complex carbohydrates, and 25% fruit / vegetable.

6. Failure of a diet plan is something that can be understood as far as you quickly back on track.

7. Do not forget to drink regularly. Do not drink while eating, preferably 15-20 minutes before. Remember, any drinks have calories too.

8. Who gave the order your diet system is scales and gauges. You should check your weight and body proportions when your stomach is empty, preferably after bathing.

9. Sport is a natural addition, permanent, and effective in every diet. Keep your body stay active and avoid feeling lazy.

10. It can not be digested at the thought. The more you concentrate on the failures and blame themselves, the less chance for success. Do not make yourself an avid diet by leaving the fun side of life.