Abdominal fat is more dangerous than otherwise other fats in the body. These fats increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase the risk of diabetes, dementia and even some cancers.

How do I remove it? You can change your lifestyle such as diet and exercise. One of the most recent step is to implement the diet plan a couple of Dr. Eades and Dr. Mary and Michael Eades. A diet which is designed physician from the United States is based on the experience of managing obesity clinic for 20 years.

Triggers fat
Fat is caused by a combination of factors, including poor diet, hormonal changes and certain drugs.

Bad diet can lead to a condition known as fatty liver (fatty liver). Although the exact cause is unclear, this disorder is believed to be triggered by excess sugar consumption and omega-6 fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oils).

This impairs the ability of the liver fatty liver in detoxifying the main task, break down harmful toxic components such as drugs, pollutants from the environment and hormones.

On the other hand, the body is also getting depressed because of too much sugar in the diet. These conditions, combined with the stress will cause an increase in blood sugar levels. To cope with excess sugar, the body will produce more insulin. However, the condition of fatty liver makes the liver unable to break down sugar. As a result, the sugar will be stored as fat in the abdominal area.

Hormones also increase abdominal fat. Estrogen hormones tell your body to store fat in the hips and thigh area. But once the numbers decrease with aging, the target storage area shifts to the abdomen.

So also with men, men also experience decreased testosterone levels. And if they have high insulin levels or fatty liver, this will lead to more accumulation of fat in the breast and belly.

Efforts to destroy these belly fat, according to Eades, not just follow the pattern of increase and decrease the activity of the food. But more to the selection of proper nutrition. These nutrients, according to them, could quickly reduce fat.

How it works


In the first plan of this diet, which lasted for two weeks, you were asked to consume protein shakes made at home. In the first week, this deal shakes the heart, reducing the burden of care and encourage the destruction of fat in the liver. That way, the liver can function normally again.

Shakes are based on the principle that high protein sends signals to the brain and the cells that you are getting enough nutrients. Basically, you will feel full despite not eating more calories.

In addition, the shakes also contain leucine, amino acids contained in meat, which is believed to accelerate weight loss. Leucine also helps prevent or slow loss of muscle tone, which often occurs along with rapid weight penrunan. (The muscles help you burn calories).

Which is quite controversial, shakes contain saturated fat in the form of coconut milk or double cream. Eades use this because saturated fat has been shown to help the liver metabolize and burn fat that accumulates in the liver.

Guidelines to follow this diet for two weeks, according to Eades, was enough to reorder your metabolism, reduce insulin levels and cleanse the liver cells from fat. Once the liver is clean and working properly, you can memaksimalkanpembakaran belly fat.


The second part of this diet program, which also takes two weeks, you will still eat foods high in protein but low in carbohydrates. This function reduces the body's insulin levels so that learning is more sensitive to insulin.

Your work is so effective insulin levels, insulin will help to clean the sugar from the blood, increase fat burning, prevent fat storage and expedite clearance of fat from the liver cells. There is no limit fat intake. Padafaktanya, preferably high-fat foods to speed up metabolism.


In the last two weeks, remains high protein foods, but accompanied with enough carbohydrates to bring the body into equilibrium.

The diet
The following description of this six-week diet plan for you:

First and second week
The rules:

Eating three protein shakes a day
Eat only once a day, mix protein with fruit and vegetables are low starch and sugar (see suggestions)
You are not allowed to drink alcohol, caffeine, or drugs that are not necessary, unless prescribed by a doctor
Drink plenty of water
Seven hours of sleep a night
Add a little salt to the diet (to restore fluid balance)
Consumption of multivitamin and mineral supplement
Make sure to eat only once (instead of dairy products) and three drinks a protein shake, nothing else

Food choices

Make sure to eat only once a day, you can choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner only. Here's an example of food alloys:

Breakfast: Omelet made of three large eggs, 30 grams of butter, three tablespoons of the mixture of pepper, one tablespoon of garlic slices with two tablespoons of meat or cheese and tomato slices sprinkled with salt.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with mayonnaise, mustard, pickle or ketchup plus one orange.

Dinner: grilled steak with grilled asparagus sprinkled with six trunks of olive oil, pureed cauliflower (with butter, cream cheese or double cream), five baby carrots, 75 grams of fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

Sunday the 3rd and 4th
The rules:

Go back to eating three meals a day with the intake of meat and eggs are not limited
Food should be rich in fat but contain no dairy products (except butter and splash of milk in coffee)
Make sure only eating fruits and vegetables low in carbohydrates, such as berries
Avoid grains (wheat, corn, rice, oats) and flour, or starchy vegetables (potatoes, beans, peas).
You are allowed to consume alcohol, drink a glass of wine, one per four liters of beer and two to three cups of coffee a day (ideally black coffee).
You can re-use of drugs, but try as seldom as possible.
Consumption of four to five teaspoons of leucine (an amino acid that you put in the shake) every day to help keep the muscles of the body (either in capsules or mixed with water)
Fixed consumption of vitamins, drink water and keep your intake of salt
If hungry, eat more fat and protein (not vegetables)

and green vegetables
Food choices

Breakfast: Boiled eggs (as many as you like) and half-smoked salmon with fresh tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and olive oil or eggs fried in butter with crunchy flesh (unlimited) and 75 grams of cherry tomatoes.

Lunch: Burger (unlimited) and the crispy beef, combined with the two leaves of lettuce, half a slice of avocado and one slice of tomato.

Dinner: grilled salmon steak with grilled asparagus spears five.

Sunday the 5th and 6th

Entering this week, you should have menurunan weight (about 10 kg). Moreover, cholesterol and triglycerides usually have improved.

The rules:

Eat meat, fish and eggs as much as you like
You can eat full-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cream)
You can drink alcohol in moderation (two drinks per day but not every day)
Continue to use vitamin supplements as nutritional insurance
Start eating vegetables and fruits that contain starches and grains, but limit the amount (not more than 12 grams of net carbs per day). That means you can only eat one serving of one of the following foods: a
slices of bread (six to seven grams) 40 grams of rice, a handful of fresh popcorn; nine grams of cooked potatoes.

Food choices

Breakfast: Smoked salmon scramble (three eggs, 30 grams of cheese, 60 grams of smoked salmon, half a tablespoon of minced garlic and tomatoes) with cherry tomatoes 85 grams and 85 grams of melon.

Lunch: Hot dog with a piece of bread, half a cup of red cabbage.

Dinner: fried meat and vegetables (50 g of vegetables), miso soup 240 milliliters, 60 grams of berries with whipped cream.

What next?

Having reached the end of the program, you can choose one of the following options:

Continue with the diet the last two weeks
Hose-interspersed (alternate days) dietary rules in week-5 and to-6 with three shakes a day and one meal
Still follow the diet week and week-5-6 but replacing one meal a day with shakes

Choose the plan that you can follow for the long term and get a lean stomach as a reward