Oolong tea is one of the popular types of Chinese tea. Known as a herbal drink from China. The aroma is fragrant frangipani. A slightly bitter taste does not dampen the audience to drink.

Oolong tea is one type of traditional Chinese tea, blackish green color. When brewed this tea and drink will taste bitter but it will leave a sweet taste after drinking. This tea is produced through a unique process that is withered in the sun is strong. Oolong tea is generally served in restaurants that serve dimsum China or other Chinese cuisines.

Most of the leaves of oolong tea produced in Fujian province, and also diperkebunan tea in Taiwan. Well-known variants are derived from Fujian tieguanyin. This tea is also popular among connoisseurs of tea in South China and ekspariat Chinese in Southeast Asia.

Drinks are served warm has many health benefits. Benefits of oolong tea can help lower high blood pressure, which is a key element to losing weight. Several studies have shown that 2 cups of oolong tea may reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Antioxidants contained in oolong tea may also protect and enhance the strength of bones and teeth. This can create an upright posture, and can radiate confidence.

The benefits of tea is the most popular ooong can lose weight by burning fat and inhibits fat absorption in the intestine. Also shown to increase energy. Simply by drinking three cups of oolong tea every day.

Drinking oolong tea is the correct way to relieve stress caused by fatigue activity. Oolong tea can be found in supermarkets, is available in packs of tea brewed and brewed. Oolong tea is brewed with more delicious warm and cold drink before.