Women and diet as two things can not be separated. Various methods are used women to get their ideal body. If you have been dieting but did not succeed, you should try this technique a two-day diet.

At South Manchester University Hospital conducted a study of 100 women. Respondents are required to perform two-day diet techniques, namely eating vegetables, fruits, and lean meat for two days each week. On another day, eat whatever they were released. The result, these women managed to lose more weight than dieting constantly, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

The women who do the diet with this technique are also prohibited from eating carbohydrates. The result, he lost weight more than double those who still eat carbs during a diet. The study also showed that women who do this diet are more likely to keep eating healthy foods in the other day.

If you plan to lose weight, there is no harm in the consumption of healthy food for two days to get slim body ideal.