Water is often touted as 'miraculous' that can help you lose weight. One logical explanation, because the water gives the effect of the stomach feel full and satisfied, so the desire to eat goes down. But not only that, here's a few reasons why you need adequate water intake in order to get a slim body and ideal as quoted from All Women Stalk.

1. Appetite hold
People who drink lots of water proved to be more excessive rarely feel hungry. Therefore, the water becomes the most ideal substance to withstand hunger. So when you feel hungry, do not immediately fill the mouth with food. Try drinking a glass of water first. If the stomach feel full, it means you're just thirsty or dehydrated, hungry for food instead.

2. Reduce Cholesterol
Water provides a significant impact in the reduction of cholesterol. Drinking enough water, can help reduce cholesterol levels because of its shed toxins from the body by removing it through the urine. This will help you lose weight faster.

3. Helps Muscle Shaping
If your muscles are dehydrated, the muscles do not expect to be formed, as hard as you do any sport. When exercising, increase water intake and you will see the difference quickly.

4. Fluency is important for the digestive system
You must know, if the automatic current digestive stomach will feel comfortable and sleek. Therefore, the digestive system requires an adequate amount of water in order to work properly. Dehydrated will make you feel bloated, bloating and more easily tired.

5. Improve Liver Function
Liver or liver function metabolize fat (regulate the release and use of fats in the body), and it is very important if you want to lose weight. In order for the function of the liver is working properly, you need adequate water intake. If the shortage of water, the liver will only accumulate fat.

6. Overcoming Digestive Disorders
If you experience indigestion, such as constipation, drink several glasses of water cobahlah more than usual. Water usually becomes effective natural remedy for digestion.

7. Simply the amount of water that Can Prevent Fluid Buildup
When dehydrated, the body will retain water to prevent dehydration. If the lazy habit of drinking water is maintained constant, there will be a buildup of fluid that will add weight and make you look fat and puffy.

Tip: Experts recommend that you drink at least 2.2 liters of water per day, and can be more for women who have an active lifestyle (work, sport or sedentary). The amount is equivalent to 9 cups of water.