Many diet programs that encourage people to reduce the amount of food eaten drastically. Actually you need is to eat regularly for a healthy diet. If you need to eat regularly, then you need to know the portions.

Understand the concept of eating regular meals and portion control so you can enjoy a healthy diet, lose weight and never feel hungry. Let us look at these concepts in more detail.

Eat three meals a day is the concept of man-made
If you realize that eating three times (or less) a day is not an ideal diet, you should eat five times a day. Some simple examples from nature can illustrate this. Antelope, deer and horses have the same proportion of body fat in humans. They eat every few hours, as did our ancestors. That's what you should do for a healthy diet.

There are several reasons why you should do that, and it is related to our bodies and how they bermanfaaat for us. By eating frequently you will get the following things:

A. Frequent meals can prevent hunger and overeating.
2. Frequent meals can make your metabolism work quickly so you burn calories more efficiently.
3. Food also can be absorbed more quickly and efficiently if we eat regularly.

That way, you will feel healthier and have more energy you will use for your body's metabolism. A healthy diet means trying to create conditions to burn fat in an efficient manner and never feel hungry.

Food portion control
By eating five meals a day means you can eat in an amount sufficient to satisfy your craving, but you have to know how much you can eat, and it relates to your body size. a very easy way to do it, using your hands.

One serving should be about the size of a fist or palm of your hand. If you want a baked potato, eat the same size of your fist. If you want to eat fish, look for fish that size in the palm of your hand.

Do a Natural Diet
You have to eat carbohydrates, fat and protein quality. The key, you have to eat naturally and avoid the additional ingredients and sugar. If you want to eat food that contains three groups of foods such as salmon, brown rice, and vegetables, you can eat 5 meals that follow the above rules.

More Healthy Diet Tricks
You should always have breakfast and get plenty of fiber from your breakfast, because fiber is not readily absorbed and enters the body. This will make you feel full, and the fiber contains very little calories.

Another trick is to drink plenty of ice cold water. Most comes from the sense of hunger, thirst, and you can handle it by drinking lots of cold water. The body will heat the cold water is to be the same as body temperature and you will be able to burn 400 calories in a week!

Do not forget to do a little exercise. You do not need to spend long hours in the gym. Simply by doing brisk walking or using stairs (not elevators) when I have to head upstairs. You can also swim or bike ride twice a week.

Diet tips above will help you to burn fat efficiently and eat properly. A healthy diet will make you feel healthier and fitter. Over time, you will know that the above description it makes sense.