is an excellent cardiovascular workout. With swimming, you can strengthen the heart muscles and improve oxygen delivery to various parts of the body.

People who like swimming will improve strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and balance. In addition, swimming is also able to make more attractive because of the physical body into good posture.

As quoted from MedicMagic, when the air temperature in the environment is colder than body temperature, the body will work hard to normalize it. When normalizing the change in temperature, the body requires a lot of energy so that it burns calories and more energy and lose weight faster.

Shivering in the cold water pool could also accelerate the body's metabolic system. The higher the metabolism, the faster the food will be digested, and it burns more calories, so it does not cause fat deposits in the body.

Although there are several benefits to swimming in cold water, does not mean you have to swim in the water with a temperature that is too cold. Swim in very cold water causes the risk of hypothermia (body temperature drastic reduction of).

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