All women
may never experience this
moment with your partner.
When your passion is at a
low point, while your
partner wants to cuddle
and have sex.
To say no to sex, many
women make excuses then.
The latest study, from
MyVoucherCodes found
that the words "tired" and
"a headache" is a classic
reason that tops the
diumbar woman to refuse
sex when a partner.
Study of 1213 women in
the UK is performed to
find the reason most often
expressed when not excited
in an intimate session.
Around 61 percent of
women claimed to make
excuses for not having sex.
Here are 10 reasons most
often revealed by a
A. Too tired: 69 percent
2. Have to get up early: 61
3. Dizziness: 57 percent
4. Feeling fat: 54 percent
5. Do not have time: 48
6. Not in the mood: 47
7. Feeling sick: 39 percent
8. Pretended to be asleep:
33 percent
9. Satiety after meals: 28
10.Belum shave / wax: 27
More than half of the
respondents, 53 percent
who said the pair created a
false reason to feel but to
accept their lies.
Meanwhile, two-fifths feel
guilty making excuses when
the couple refused.
Mark Pearson, Chairman
MyVoucherCodes said,
"Being in a relationship,
especially long-term
relationship, can lead to
feelings of bland in a
romantic relationship. How
to spice it up is out of date
and spend the night
together without any
disruption," he told Female