If you intend
to undergo a diet program
to get into shape,
preparing meals is a
challenge. It takes foresight
to balance the food
consumed and the body's
nutritional needs, as well as
the effects produced in
order to move down the
scale numbers. Some of
these foods can support
the success of your diet, as
quoted by iVillage.
- Legumes
Legumes can be eaten
without adding spice
flavorings. As many as 25
percent of calories
contained in nuts is derived
from glucose that stabilizes
the protein. For daily
consumption as much as
you can take a dose cup, or
add it to stir fries for
- Ginger
The results of Florida
University of Miami study
states that the
consumption of a teaspoon
of fresh ginger before
meals can accelerate satiety
for up to two times when
you eat. This may seem
strange to you, how could
we eat fresh ginger with a
spicy, warm flavor. But the
content of the ginger,
gingerol and zingbain
which otherwise can
suppress appetite. Ginger is
also efficacious as an anti-
inflammatory and
overcome pain. Try adding
ginger slices on a salad of
broccoli or fried rice for a
more delicious flavor.
- Plum
This sweet fruit works to
reduce appetite due to a
glut of fruit fiber during
the process of digestion.
According to research at
Yale, the consumption of
prunes every day can
reduce the size of the meal
by 20 percent. Plum also
contains chlorogenic acid
and neochlorogenic, and
antioxidants that nourish
the eye tissues and help
prevent macular
degeneration (the leading
cause of blindness), a study
in the Journal of
Ophthalmology Korea.
- Shiitake Mushrooms
Brilliant idea if you add the
shiitake mushrooms in a
stew, stews, and others.
According to a study from
the National Institutes of
Health, the type of fungus
is rich in selenium, a
mineral substance which
has the ability to help burn
fat. "This would work to
change the toxin to
increase metabolism," said
Larrian Gillespie, MD,
author of You're Not Crazy,
It's Your Hormones.
- Leaves onion
Many do not like because
of the sharp scent, but if
you have the desire to lose
weight, there is no harm in
taking this scallions. Simply
add to any dish at home.
These leaves contain sulfur
which will help the
pancreas to burn
carbohydrates, according to
research from Stanford
University. Sulfur is in it
also protects the digestive
tract from damage caused
by the bacteria.
- Spinach
Dr. Gillespie, a nutritionist
suggested that we begin to
idolize spinach. Spinach
contains lipoic acid, an
antioxidant that works
transports blood sugar and
fatty acids into cells to be
burned into energy.
- Eggplant
In France, the eggplant is
used as a main ingredient
one of the favorites menu,
ratatoullie. The fruit is also
used as a meat substitute
that produces 20 calories in
each cup measure. In
addition, low sugar and
strengthen the muscles
because protein and
- Japanese Cucumber
Cucumber types are widely
used as a garnish on a dish,
such as salad and muffins,
or just added to processed
vegetables. Of research at
the University of Sydney,
Australia, said that the
Japanese cucumber has a
fiber content and high
water and may suppress
appetite. Maybe you
should change the rules of
eating, enjoying the
zucchini first, then eat the
main meal.
- Peppermint
Effects of cold, fit to be
added to salads or drinks
during hot weather. But,
not only limited to the
summer course you can
enjoy it. A research
conducted by Chicago's
Smell and Taste Treatment
and Research Foundation,
suggests adding a
tablespoon peppermint
leaf slices in each dish. "The
effect is extraordinary, you
can reduce food intake to
100 calories. The smell of
mint is sending satiety
signals to the brain, "said
Alan R. Hirsch, MD.
- Greens
A loss for those who can
not enjoy this green
vegetables. Bok choy,
cabbage, and Chinese
cabbage, cabbage family
may help achieve weight
loss goals more quickly.
Green vegetables are
loaded with chlorophyll
gives energy to the body
and increase the ability of
the organ for fat burning
- Guava
When running a diet
program, tuck guava as a
daily menu. Each fruit has
112 calories and fiber that
suppresses appetite by up
to 40 percent. Another
bonus you get from guava
consumption is increasing
the body's immune system
because of vitamin C in
guava is very much, even
compared to oranges
though. So also with
vitamin A to nourish the
skin cancer prevention.
- Bananas
Need a snack, healthy?
Bananas became the best
recommendations for you.
This banana can launch
your metabolism, it also
contains about 100 calories
in each fruit. You can
oatmea l with a bowl or
cereal, and sandwiches.
Potassium and nutrients in
it will regulate blood sugar
and increased vitamin B is
needed, it also gives extra