Whether you are a pretty "hot" during sex, or having to go through the
duration of time during intercourse? Tracey Cox, author of Supersex
For Life - The Great Sex Guide For Long- term Lovers also questioned
it. He said the key to developing a healthy sex life with a partner is
to identify your own sexual style. That way you can get a deal
together with a partner for mutual gratification. Here are five
typical sexual style, written in his book. A. Energizers If you have
high confidence with the style of sex, be able to seduce and amaze
your partner, and have the enthusiasm that is difficult to control,
you are included in the class energizer. Typically this is usually
more selfish and desperate to control the sex activity. Usually, they
often hold a new experiment by watching erotic movies or play around
with sex toys, so sometimes unconsciously do that may be peculiar
style of making love to her partner. Sexual orientation is high in
itself, makes he puts sex as a means of connecting to a closer
relationship. Their strengths are, always able to satisfy their
partner. For matters of sex techniques, people with this type has a
very wide variety of styles, but be good if the spouse does not
include a passive type. Most of the energizer is just not happy to
discuss the topic of sex with friends or other groups, they tend to be
closed. 2. Stabilizers In this type, they feel satisfaction over time
can provide a good service to their partners. They are also not much
to ask her partner to do things she likes. The upside of this type is
an attitude of service that should get the prize. Even people who are
willing to do foreplay such as oral, in a long time for the partner
without complaining about pain, pain in the neck, or the other. If you
have a partner so, help them to learn to express what they really want
so they also get satisfaction. This should be done to get the sex is
good for both parties. Let them enjoy the style of what makes him feel
comfortable. 3. Conector The conector consider sexual activity with a
partner is a means to express feelings and express their love. For
them it is more important than mere physical gratification. Usually
they are less interested in sexual performance due to better focus on
feelings, the purpose of sex is intimacy, not orgasm. This type is
more happy or satisfied with just hugged each other intimately, they
should get a good mood to make love. For example, support for a
romantic atmosphere. In domestic life, they are a forgiving and loving
partner to always be sincere, but not always pleasant to be
biologically. Worse yet, if they lose the romance, they will not be
able to enjoy sexual activity and be a cool person. To enable it, try
doing a spontaneous sexual activity when you're alone, you can tease a
little style menakhlukan them. 4. Worriers These are people who are
very concerned about sex, but it does not mean they can not enjoy it.
This is because they have less sexual references, or also raised in an
environment that is very closed to matters of sex, or also have
experienced sexual trauma. They often feel depressed when asked their
partner to have sex, this type of sex was not able to perform well
when in bed. In fact, often seem to avoid the chance of making love.
Your job is to help couples to be able to get her libido back. Try to
eliminate sexual past by giving extra comfort so that they can enjoy.
Or can also visit a marriage counselor to find a solution to this
problem. 5. Controller If you feel threatened by a new style of
playing partner, this is an indication of the controller class. This
type can enjoy a more intimate relationship if he can control their
partner emotionally and lovemaking techniques. They will be very easy
to get the climax. You have to get out of the comfort zone to build
your sexual confidence. Jiak you feel more comfortable with a logical
approach, akn you can find new things in sex. Dilakuakn in a balanced
relationship with a partner would be to get satisfaction.