poor lifestyle lowers the quality of healthcare. Not only increases
the risk of certain diseases, but also makes the body vulnerable to
disease so easily at an early age. A number of diseases that primarily
affects a person in the elderly, young people began to descend. "This
is because many young people think a healthy tomorrow, so it tends to
apply a bad lifestyle," said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director
of the American Public Health Association. Here are some diseases that
began to threaten the community at an early age, as quoted by Fox
News. Stroke Typical age: 65 years and over Began to threaten: 20s and
30s Stroke is associated with numerous risk factors such as high blood
pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. The one way is to
improve the lifestyle to set a healthy diet and regular exercise. Dr
Shazam Hussain, head of the Cleveland Clinic Stroke Program,
recommends not smoking, reducing salt, trans fat intake, eat fish
twice a week, and exercise. "Walking 30 minutes a day is a good
effect," he said. Diabetes Type 2 Typical age: 40's and 50's year
Began to threaten: the children Make the best of food intake as a
drug. "Diet and lifestyle play an important role in increasing the
number of young people with type 2 diabetes," said Dr. Michelle F.
Magee, director of the MedStar Diabetes Institute. The majority of
those who terdiagnosisi overweight, especially with the concentration
of fat around the waist. Therefore, be sure to avoid foods with high
glycemic load, and low in fiber. Also avoid foods berpengawet.
Osteoporosis Typical age: 65 years and over Began to threaten: 50s age
"It is important to bone health as early as possible with a supplement
of vitamin D and calcium intake. Do not wait!" said Dr. Kathryn
Diemer, clinical director of the bone health program Washington
University School of Medicine. Perform regular exercise that helps
build muscle and strengthen bones such as jogging, walking or climbing
stairs. Improve your lifestyle too. "Smoking, alcohol and soft drinks
actually toxic to the bone," said Diemer. Breast Cancer Typical age:
45 years and over Began to threaten: teen Dr. Ann Partridge, director
of the program young women with breast cancer at the Dana-Farber
Cancer Institute, said that regular exercise, maintaining ideal body
weight, and limiting alcohol intake to help reduce the risk of this
disease. Alzheimer's Typical age: 65 years and over Began to threaten:
since the 40's year Dr. Gustavo Alva from the American Board of
Psychiatry, says that we can train your body and mind to reduce the
risk of experiencing these problems at an early age. Activate the
brain that is rarely used. Learning a new language or playing a
musical instrument quite helpful against cognitive decline. "Keeping
cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and physical fitness are also
important because of what is good for the heart is also good for the
brain," Alva said. Melanoma Typical age: 50s and over Began to
threaten: teens and early 20s before In the report the journal Cancer
Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a number of medical experts
warn teenagers and adults to not do the tanning without the knowledge
of good. Tanning procedure can increase three-fold risk of having this
disease. In addition, it is important to always use sunscreen,
especially if traveling outside the home. "As much as possible to
reduce the intensity of being in the sun between 10 am until the
afternoon," said Dr. Thomas S Kupper, professor of dermatology at
Harvard Medical School.