If you always thought that flatten the tummy requires effort and cost
prohibitive, you are wrong. To get a flat stomach, surely you must
have the intention and consistency in performing a variety of ways. Do
not need liposuction, extra strict diet or go to the gym every day.
You just need to make 8 easy steps. A. Eating a bowl of raspberry
Raspberries are rich in fiber, so it is great for healthy Your
digestion. No need to worry about eating lots of raspberry, since this
fruit can help you avoid constipation that often makes the center of
the belly bulge. 2. Drink plenty of water The myth says that eating
lots of water make belly fat, in fact, water makes the stomach look
flatter. Not only calorie-free, water also speeds up the metabolism
process. The more you drink, the more calories and fat is also burned
into the source of energy. 3. Avoid alcoholic beverages Alcoholic
beverages may be free of fat, but contain high calorie. In addition,
alcohol can increase the production of cortisol, which makes the fat
deposits on the belly. 4. Sit up The sitting position also affects the
beauty of the stomach. From now on, you have to train yourself to sit
in an upright position. If you too are sitting with a bent position,
the stomach will look great, your posture will change. It also can
make the fat accumulated in the abdomen. To stay trim, make sure you
always have the ideal posture by sitting upright habit. 5. Gardening
Who knew gardening could make your stomach flat. You can fill the
holidays with this fun activity. Movement of bending, lifting, and
turning will burn 350 calories per hour. 6. Hula hoop One of the
exercises are effective and fun to do you play with a hula hoop.
Movement that focused on the waist is very effective for burning
calories and exercising the muscles of the waist. 7. Playing golf This
sport can be arguably one of the casual sports. However, walking down
the hill and hit the golf ball can tighten your abdominal muscles. So,
leave the golf cart that used to take you around! 8. Sit up To obtain
the form of a flat stomach, do a simple exercise every morning. Lie on
the floor and place your feet on the bed or chair, then gently lift
the head, shoulders, and back off the floor. Hold and repeat this
movement until the count of ten. Perform two to three times a week for
maximum results. If you are diligent in doing so, you are guaranteed
to be flat stomach without the need go to the gym.