One of the easiest ways to shrink body fat is to limit the intake of
food at night. According to nutritionists, to avoid a heavy meal at
18.00 or after a maximum of three hours before bedtime can accelerate
fat burning. However, almost everyone knows to avoid dinner is a very
difficult thing. Especially during busy or forced to spend the day
skipping lunch. Dinner can become a means of revenge and overeating.
But there are simple and useful way to trick your appetite at night or
during cold weather with frenzied appetite. A. Eating soup berkaldu
Eat the soup in the evening, including the soup broth. These foods
will quickly fill your stomach and prevent overeating. Broth in the
soup the next delaying the onset of starvation for a long time. But,
do not put sharp or spicy seasoning in soups, because they induce
appetite. 2. Eat a light snack such as fruit Eat yogurt or applesauce.
When eating an apple, be sure to eat all the seeds. Seeds of an apple
contains iodine the body needs in a day. Iodine is used for reducing
the urge to eat. 3. Drink before bed A glass of warm water with a
slice of lemon or tomato juice will satisfy the hunger for several
hours. 4. Compote of figs and plums Compote of figs and plums are
beneficial for health and outwit your appetite. Pour the three liters
of water with half a pound of prunes or figs and boil up to 2.5
liters. Cup compote quite the stomach for at least one hour. 5. Eating
Milk Powder Hunger is unbearable? A small spoonful of powdered nonfat
dry milk will save you hungry in the middle of the night. 6. Green
Beans and Potatoes Satiety can be maintained for a long time with the
intake of a cup of pureed green beans or two medium-sized potatoes are
eaten with the skin. 7. Take a Warm Water Hot water bath to give a
sense of relaxation, making a quick feeling sleepy at the same time
suppress the appetite. Better yet if you put a few drops of essential
oil in the bath. Essential oils of orange, lemon, and fruit to help
fool the stomach is hungry. 8. Physical activity suppresses appetite
Walk or exercise before bed can suppress hunger very well.