alcohol weight gain for women O women, raise your glass, a study has concluded that women who drank one or two sips of alcoholic drinks per day makes the body slows down the rate of 30 percent compared to female non-drinkers.
Study leader dr. Lu Wang, an infectious disease specialist in "Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston was asking for more than 19 200 women aged 39 and the United States above the normal body weight, to sort his drinking and they gain weight in the last 13 years.
Although women generally to weight gain with age, but the weight of those who do not drink alcohol faster than women drinkers.
The study found the fact that being overweight was reduced when alcohol consumption is rising.
There are some who can explain this, including differences in how women metabolize alcohol than men, said Wang.
"Among women who consume alcohol level of mild to moderate, usually has a low energy source of alcohol intake, especially carbohydrates," Wang said in his study published in the last issue of "Archives of Internal Medicine."
"In contrast, alcohol intake tends to affect the increase in energy expenditure exceeds the energy content of women consumed alcohol. If everything is calculated, regular alcohol consumption in mild to moderate levels, causing a loss of energy."
Evidence that the health benefits of alcohol for various, some studies have shown that men dam the women who drank alcohol in moderate levels, less likely to develop heart disease, but studies in other states of moderate alcohol drinking may increase risk of breast cancer, kidney, and other cancers in women.
The researchers said they could not conclude for heavy drinkers not assessed this study and because women tend to smoke, then they have a lifestyle that is very berebda of other women who were surveyed.
Commenting on the results of the study, Marianne Grant, an expert on diet and health educators in the "Coastal Bend Health Education Center" in Texas Health Science Center, said women do not care about this study and remain faithful to his diet.
"Typically, the message always enjoy a little alcohol. Do not practice this method as a weight loss. Key tips for healthy nutrition remains as before," said Grant warned.