Frustrated with the various weight loss slimming diet program that
always fail? You may have made mistakes in the diet makes the body fat
are reluctant to shed. There is some understanding of the actual diet
is no longer suitable in practice. Slimming diet program in order not
to fail, avoid the following mistakes, as quoted by the Times of
India. A. Six small meals per day The idea of ​​eating small meals six
times to reduce hunger is a trap. Leady Heather, Ph.D., assistant
professor of nutritional physiology at the University of Missouri,
said, "We do not say eat three times a day it is the best way.
However, eating small meals is no longer useful for appetite control.
" How to fix it: Make a list of foods to eat and do not stray from
your plan before. 2. Dressing over salad People often add their plates
with salad dressing, mayonnaise, cheese powder, dairy, red meat, and
lots of salt. In the end, you eat more fat than the healthy content of
the vegetables. How to fix it: If you look less attractive salad, you
can decorate it with brightly colored peppers. The use of low-fat
dressing may help, because they have less salt and sugar. In addition,
you can add the balsamic vinegar. 3. Too many nutritional replacement
Some fitness trainers and nutritionists recommend that to avoid energy
snacks and protein shakes. Despite the lure of instant energy boost,
these foods actually have high levels of concentration are high in
sugar and carbohydrates. How to fix it: You can eat natural foods such
as almonds, carrots, oranges and other fruits to satisfy hunger and
provide the right energy. 4. Eating a diet drink Research shows that
diet beverages will not do much for weight loss. You may find that you
save calories, but experts believe diet drinks can make a higher
desire to eat. A study also found that diet soda is too much for a
week can lead to obesity, stroke, and heart problems. How to fix it:
Replace these drinks with green tea rich in antioxidants and
phytonutrients. Do not forget, vegetable juice or a glass of cold milk
are low in fat. 5. Unrealistic targets Many are obsessed with losing
weight as quickly as possible in extreme ways. In fact, losing weight
has to go through the process. Safe weight loss is about 0.5 pounds
per week. That is, the maximum month fell about two pounds. How to fix
it: Give yourself time to not do the things that weigh and eat food
without losing sight of the body's nutritional needs.