actress Anne Hathaway in a new movie, very shocking. His body looked
thin while performing in sets of the film adaptation of Les Miserables
with Hugh Jackman. In the film, Hathaway plays a woman dying
prostitute, Fantine. He did not want to play half-hearted play.
Explore for the sake of his role, he reported earlier this year on a
strict diet to lose weight. As quoted by page Daily Mail, Friday,
April 20, 2012, photographs of Hathaway scenes footage in the film was
outstanding. The photos were taken while he was filming in London. See
her new look, the actress is 29 years old is completely different. For
lean, he is only eating 500 calories a day, ideally when the
recommended dietary food intake of 2000 calories per day. In the photo
footage of the scene, Hathaway looks pale purple short-sleeved dress
standing on the balcony with Jackman. During the strict diet, Hathaway
lost weight up to 7 pounds in three weeks. Again for the role, he also
cut out a long brown hair. This is all he did, for a role as a
prostitute who hunger and dying. "Anne plays a serious role as a woman
the night of the poor factory workers," said the source told the Daily
Mirror. "Unfortunately, he only had a 15 to 20 days to lose weight as
much as possible. It's not ideal but, because the film is produced
with a high budget, there are strict time constraints." For the sake
of making a thin Hathaway, the film producer has appointed a personal
trainer for him. He was also asked to eat no more than a few apples a
day, and some protein. Selaian Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, the
film also involves Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne. Taking the
background story of the life of 19th-century France, Les Miserables
tells a compelling story about dreams and unrequited love, passion,
sacrifice and redemption-lasting evidence for the survival of the
human spirit. Directed by Tom Hooper, Les Miserables is scheduled to
release on December 7, 2012.