Atkins Diet is known by his work makeove instant r by limiting sugar
and carbohydrates. Diet in only takes two weeks to sculpt your body
well. But in the old methods of the Atkins diet, some adverse effects
also accompany. You will feel tired. Lack of carbohydrates and sugars
also affect the emotional instability that makes you become irritable.
Problems in the system is unstable pencernan also cause bad breath is
not pleasant. IVillage recently ran an article about the Atkins diet
with a new, more effective methods and minimal adverse effects.
Although the diet is fixed by limiting the intake of carbohydrates and
sugar, but you can still enter the chocolate and bread every day. So
also with caffeine, caffeine-containing beverages in moderation is
very effective in decreasing body weight and a lifesaver when we are
in a phase of decline in energy. Atkins Diet is divided into 4 phases,
namely phase induction, ongoing weight loss (OWL), post treatment diet
, and the maintenance diet for the long-term results. In the first
phase, ie, induction, will last about two weeks, depending on how much
you will lose weight. Consumption of carbohydrates is required is 20
grams per day. Expand Fiber In addition, dieters are advised also
increase the consumption of fiber. Raw foods contain lots of fiber
does not affect the increase in blood sugar and help reduce appetite,
provide for vitamins and minerals. You can increase the consumption of
carbohydrates such as fruit, brown rice, pasta and bread every day to
gradually replace other foods. This new diet including a flexible diet
because you can still consume protein sources like meat, but still
with a note to keep up with the intake of fiber and carbohydrates are
recommended. In the old diet methods that limit the variety of foods,
making our bodies actually are undernourished and vitamins needed so
often arise problems of headache, fatigue, and constipation. Although
the rules in this diet is more free, but still takes care of
consistency in the results to keep eating more fiber-containing
carbohydrates and minerals.