Living a healthy diet and regular exercise to slim down without
hurting the primary key of the body. In the middle range of sports
options, swimming could be the best choice for maximum calorie burn. A
study in the United States said that the round of relaxing in the pool
can burn 476 calories per hour. In order to get maximum results, here
are some tips, as quoted by page A. Fast rhythm This does
not mean you have to drag all the sports. Combine rhythm, for example,
a quick round of pool, then a leisurely round, two round dials, and
two subsequent rounds of pool relaxing. You can also divide the
exercises into four to six parts with a single fast lap at the end of
the segment. 2. Set the stage For your rounds into several segments
which consist of one round, two rounds, four rounds, six rounds, four
rounds, two rounds, and one round. Give a rest pause for no more than
30 seconds in between each segment. 3. A little break Do not be too
often rest on every single lap session. Try to just relax for about 10
seconds per session, before continuing the next round. If tired,
better still swim with a relaxed rhythm. 4. The tools Use toys such as
swim boards, hand pedal, or a float. Besides burning calories,
swimming with these tools also can help to build muscles in your arms
and legs. 5. Keep your heart rate To keep the heart rate, stopping
every ten or 15 rounds and check your pulse for six seconds. In this
way, women weighing 74 pounds can burn 680 calories per hour.