Sex is an important part in this activity because the relationship
becomes one of the keys to the couple harmony. If a man can easily
enjoy sex, unlike the case with women who often do not enjoy because
of the emergence of pain during penetration. Cause, could be due to
the sex organs of health factors that are temporary, until the advent
of gynecologic disorders. Here are five causes of pain in women during
intercourse, or dyspareunia as quoted by A. Lack of
passion If not in the mood to have sex, vaginal muscles will tighten
and dry. The condition causes penetration is difficult, so that the
vagina will be sore. Sometimes these problems arise from the anxiety
in your mind. Try to relax and tell your partner to help you create a
safe and comfortable conditions. 2. Give birth Pain in the sex organs
often come after the birth of children, either through natural birth
or Caesarean procedure. "Painful birth process can leave both physical
and mental injuries," said Denis Knowles, a sex therapist. According
to him, a woman who had just given birth may have felt their vagina
was injured. "It can make them feel sexy, and they do not feel the
same sensation that they are supposed to feel during intercourse." Try
to express feelings in an intimate partner and did activities slowly
according to convenience. Studies show that the pain will be gone
within a year at least. 3. Vaginismus Vaginismus is an uncontrollable
tightening of the vaginal muscles, making penetration difficult and
trigger pain in the vagina. Passion is still emerging, but often not
present. Generally, the vaginal muscles will relax again when the
penetration process ends. The cause of vaginismus is not certain.
Generally, this condition is associated with psychological conditions
related to traumatic sexual experiences. "Any trauma associated with
sex organs have a psychological impact. To overcome this problem, you
need a good partner and understanding. Giving personal enjoyment can
also help because you will learn what makes you anxious in the
relationship," he said. 4. Vulvar vestibulitis Common symptoms that
often occur in this condition is a burning, stinging, and pain. The
pain is usually constant appear and can last for years. This condition
is more likely to occur in women aged 40 years or more. This disorder
is treated with drugs that alter the way nerve endings send a stimulus
to the spine. 5. Vaginal Infections Some infections such as
irritation, chlamydia, and herpes sores can make during sex.
Irritation can be treated with drugs that are sold in pharmacies.
Meanwhile, chlamydia and herpes, including sexually transmitted
disease that can cause painful and even bleed during sex. Both of
these conditions can be treated with prescription drugs.