Paying attention to sperm health is important for those who are
planning to have a baby. Besides affecting fertility, sperm also
determine the quality of child health in later life. University of
Washington study showed that sperm carry a genetic trait that has a
strong influence on the healthy development of the offspring, as
quoted by the Daily Mail. The problem is when sperm is carrying a
genetic trait that bad. It is not likely he would mewariskankan
serious health problems, such as diabetes, depression and obesity. In
this study, the team studied the pattern of diet, stress levels,
weight, smoking habits to a number of respondents male heroin addicts.
Then continue with the analysis of sperm. Unhealthy lifestyle seems to
have contributed strongly to create a bad genetic trait that will
carry the sperm in fertilization. This conclusion is reinforced by the
results of semen analysis showed abnormal gene content in it.
According to Professor Marcus Pembrey, a clinical geneticist at the
Institute of Child Health, London, men who have the habit of smoking
from youth specifically even influenced the development of their
children to be overweight or obese. No matter the offspring of women
or men. While Anne Ferguson- Smith of Cambridge University said that
the man who likes to eat foods high in fat tend to have obese children
with high risk of diabetes and insulin levels low. Through these
studies, a number of health experts to warn that the responsibility
for child health in both parents' shoulders. Containing not only the
mother, the father also need to live a healthy lifestyle if you want
to have healthy offspring.