Sipping sports drinks or energy drinks after exercising or when busy
in a lot of options to maintain fitness. This drink is considered
better than soft drinks. In fact, energy drinks also contribute to
health problems, especially dental health. A new report published in
the latest issue reveals General Denstistry energy drinks contain
acids that cause tooth decay to two- fold. "Many patients are
surprised to learn that energy drinks make the mouth more acidic,"
says lead study author Poonam Jain. After five days of acid exposure
to energy drinks, will begin to erode tooth enamel and cause damage
difficult to repair. Without the protection of tooth enamel, the teeth
become sensitive, more likely to have cavities as well as vulnerable
to damage. According to the study, 50 percent of American teens drink
at least one can of energy drink every day. More than 60 percent also
regularly consume sports drinks. Sports drinks are also a source of
hidden sugars that cause chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes,
and heart problems. In addition to sugar, energy drinks also contain
high levels of caffeine and other substances that are not regulated
regulatory agencies. To that end, researchers recommend that parents
and teachers supervise its use in children. After drinking an energy
drink, drink water or chew sugarless gum afterward. "Two ways this
increased saliva that naturally help restore normal levels of acidity
in the mouth," he said as quoted Shine. The doctors do not recommend
to brush your teeth immediately after drinking an energy drink or
sports drink. Therefore, brushing your teeth can spread the acid to
the tooth surface and increase erosion of tooth enamel.