Turned out to lead a healthy life is very simple, no need for calorie
counting and sorting through food. During this time there is often a
misconception that healthy living can only be obtained through diet
and weight should eat foods that do not like. You may eat at will and
remain healthy rely solely on a diet. A regular diet would keep the
intake of nutrients into the body as needed. Arrange your diet as
follows: A. Food Color into account Do not just count the number of
calories you eat, based on the color of any food that you can
determine the proper foods eaten or not. Such as vegetables, for
example, when it is wilted and not fresh of course somewhat less good
for health. 2. Food Interludes Get a snack between the three meals,
morning, afternoon and evening. Snack is usually served at about 10 am
or 4 pm, this is to avoid the stomach is too empty and hungry.
Ignoring this, you will look at mealtime hunger comes, and you'll eat
anything presented. 3. Expand Fiber Breakfast Foods Adequate dietary
fiber at breakfast will mebuat you can last until lunch time. You can
try brown bread and butter for example, or milk agar, and much more.
4. Silencing hungry food Not everyone can withstand hunger. Surely
this can be overcome by eating fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas
or other fruit that you like. 5. Self control In the end only
themselves completely alone be decisive when to eat breakfast, lunch
or dinner. Without self-control that is full, you only live to eat and
not eat to live