Want to know which foods can maintain health, especially heart?
Canadian nutrition expert, Dr Peter Jones said that the key to a
healthy diet is to eat eggs. "Eggs are one of nature's most nutritious
foods. Eggs are a source of high quality protein and contain 14
essential nutrients," he said. Eggs contain nutrients that are good
for health, including vitamin A, B12 and E. Eggs are also one of the
few foods that naturally contain vitamin D, essential for healthy
bones and teeth. Some people avoid the intake of eggs because of
concerns about cholesterol. However, scientific studies found that
cholesterol is called dietary cholesterol in eggs is a very small
effect on cholesterol in the blood - known as cholesterol. All you
need dikahwatirkan, Jones said, as quoted CanadaNews is the number of
saturated and trans fats you eat. "Eating too much fat is unhealthy
because it can increase the cholesterol in your blood, increasing the
risk of heart disease and stroke. While eggs have saturated and trans
fats low," he said. Meanwhile, Health Canada also recommends eggs as
part of a balanced diet and take two servings of eggs is aternatif
than one serving of meat.