Breast is an 'asset' for women. Not just an aesthetic function and
sensuality, but also fulfill its function as a feeding organ. However,
only a few women who really know their own breasts. No harm in
increasing knowledge about breast cancer, as quoted by Methods of
Healing: Larger left breast No woman has perfect breasts and
symmetrical between the left and right. Usually the left breast is
slightly larger than the right. Sometimes the size difference can be
seen with the naked eye. The form may be slightly different. But,
until now no one knows what causes it. Breasts enlarged with age. At
the age of 20 years, the breast is made up of fat, milk glands and
collagen. At that age, the breast feels firm and elastic. When the get
older, glands and collagen starts to disappear, and be governed with
the fat. That is why breasts sag due to aging. Breast weight
Normal-sized breasts weighs about 500 grams. Each of the breast
accounts for about 4-5 percent of total body fat and accounted for
about 1 percent of total body weight. Breast stimulation Like the male
genital organs, breasts also tightened when he gets the stimulation.
Breasts are very sensitive to sexual stimulation. According to
studies, conditions that make the size of the breasts enlarged about
25% during sex. This occurs because of hormonal changes. Hair grows
Many women have little hairs around the areola. This is very normal,
because in those areas terdapa hair follicles. If disturbed, it can be
revoked without any risk. Milk production A woman's breasts produce
milk that tastes sweeter than cow's milk. Breast milk contains lots of
vitamin E, iron, and fatty acids.